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In several instances, an individual may have suffered severe dental damage to the point that teeth need to be extracted. However, there is one restoration treatment that has even been known to restore teeth that otherwise would need to be taken out. This is referred to as a dental crown. Dental crowns are designed to provide a lifetime of support if taken care of properly. For more benefits of dental crowns, see the list below:

– Dental crowns are extremely durable and a single crown can provide support for a tooth for anywhere from two decades up to a lifetime.
– Dental crowns can be used to in other treatments such as bridges, implants or root canals.
– Dental crowns are popular and safe to use for children at a high risk of tooth decay.
– If you have issues associated with a tooth needing a dental filling but not enough tooth remains, a dental crown can be used to hold the tooth and filling together.
– Dental crowns are used in situations where a tooth is shattered to bind the broken parts together once more.
– Dental crowns can be used atop teeth to provide protection from further dental erosion.
– In situations where teeth are breaking apart or decaying, a dental crown can often be used.

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