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Root canal therapy is a type of endodontic treatment that works to restore your tooth by removing infected, decayed or otherwise damaged dental pulp from the inner portions of your tooth. Our dentist may recommend this treatment if injury or decay reaches beyond the outer layer of tooth enamel and deep into the tooth. Root canal therapy is often the only alternative to tooth extraction, and in many cases is preferred to extraction as it allows you to continue using your original tooth.

Most root canals can be completed in one or two appointments. When you receive this treatment, our experienced dentist will carefully open up the tooth and remove the infected and injured tissues. The tooth will then be cleaned, filled with a medicated material and capped with a restoration (usually a dental crown) to restore its shape, structure and strength. If your case is particularly complex, Dr. Hong may refer you to a trusted specialist to receive the care you need.

While root canals have a reputation for being painful, the reality is that advances in treatment techniques, tools and anesthesia allow our dentist to perform this treatment with minimal discomfort for you. We make every effort to help you feel comfortable throughout your entire treatment so that you can receive the care you need without difficulty.

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