Oral Health Advantages: Dental Floss

Are you aware of the importance of dental floss? Flossing is essential for cleaning between teeth in areas that brushing alone cannot reach. Even in situations where a threaded floss is not available, an interdental cleaner should always be used to ensure your smile receives the care and attention it... Read more »

A Broken Tooth May Necessitate a Dental Implant

Unfortunate oral accidents such as a blow to the face or a hard fall can often result in the fracture, crack, or complete break of one or more teeth. If a broken tooth experiences significant enough dental damage, it may need to be extracted to prevent future dental problems. Prior... Read more »

Dentistry Year-in-Review: Dental Damage

If you wish to turn your smile into an oral health masterpiece, you need to exercise caution with all potential tooth hazards and forms of dental damage that can arise in your day-to-day life. On a daily basis, numerous hazards exist that can easily destroy your smile in an instant.... Read more »

Understanding Dental Facts on Dental Damage Prevention

  In order to effectively prevent dental damage from occurring, it is always a good idea to set forth prevention plans to help to treat any risk factors that may be present. If you are involved in an unhealthy habit, it may be increasing your risk of dental damage. Thus,... Read more »

A Single Surface Cavity Can Often Be Repaired with a Dental Filling

When poor oral hygiene practices affect the health of your teeth, built up plaque acids can start to demineralize your tooth enamel. Without regular brushing and flossing, this could allow a cavity to develop on one of the surfaces of your teeth. If you’ve noticed a problem with one of... Read more »

All You Need to Know About Dental Bridges

Are you interested in restoring your smile with a dental bridge? If so, our dentist, Dr. Ryan Hong, is happy to tell you all about this restoration so you can know if this is the right treatment option for you. A dental bridge is a strong appliance that replaces your... Read more »

Choosing a Toothbrush: The Basics

Brushing your teeth seems easy--until you find yourself in the toothbrush aisle of the store, staring at an overwhelming plethora of options. The good news is, there is no universal “correct” answer for what kind of brush to use. Some people are avid proponents of the electric toothbrush, while some... Read more »

The Lifecycle of Teeth

Teeth are one of the most enduring, toughest parts of the body, and their advancement is truly incredible. Humans go through two sets of teeth in their lives, baby pearly whites and adult teeth. (And three sets if you count false teeth!) Here are a few tidbits we’ve compiled on... Read more »

Bridging the Gap

Have you lost one or more permanent teeth because of gum disease, extensive decay, or another issue? Dr. Ryan Hong may recommend a dental bridge in Anaheim Hills, California. A dental bridge is a restoration that is designed to close the gap in your smile. Your dental bridge can restore... Read more »

The Causes of Teeth Staining

Many people are not confident of their smiles because their teeth have darkened or yellowed over time. So, whether you’d like to remove staining from coffee or tea or whether you’d like to counteract the natural aging process of your teeth, we’re here to help you! The shading of teeth... Read more »