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Do you only visit a dentist if you are struggling with a dental problem? Did you know that if you schedule regular dental visits, you can prevent dental issues from occurring in the first place? Dental checkups every six months to protect your oral health. Dental checkups are a very important habit to keep because they offer regular opportunities to diagnose dental issues that you may not have noticed.

During a dental checkup, we screen for a variety of dental issues, including oral cancer. Successful treatment for oral cancer depends on early diagnosis, and you should report any discolored lumps or other abnormalities that you notice in your mouth. Our highly trained dental team also looks for symptoms of gum disease, which you may not notice you have.

The most common condition that can affect your smile is tooth decay, which can also be detected during a dental checkup before it causes results in more harmful dental problems. Did you know that a cavity can even result in tooth loss? If you visit the dentist every six months, we can detect tooth decay early enough to provide conservative dental treatment, with the possibility of fluoride treatment or a dental filling.

If you are experiencing signs of tooth trouble, don’t wait for your next schedule dental checkup in Anaheim Hills, California, before you receive treatment. Contact Anaheim Hills Family Dental at (714) 998-2553 today to speak with Dr. Ryan Hong about your dental concerns.