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Unfortunate oral accidents such as a blow to the face or a hard fall can often result in the fracture, crack, or complete break of one or more teeth. If a broken tooth experiences significant enough dental damage, it may need to be extracted to prevent future dental problems. Prior to having the tooth extracted, we can review with you your options for tooth replacement. One of the most effective ways to replace a tooth that has been broken is to have a dental implant placed.

Before placing an implant, Dr. Ryan Hong may need to perform a bone graft if the tooth damage or extraction has caused too much bone structure surrounding the tooth to be lost.

The process of placing a dental implant often needs to be performed as an outpatient procedure involving heavy sedation, which means you should arrange in advance to have someone drop you off and pick you up from the appointment.

A dental implant is a titanium abutment that is surgically screwed into the jawbone beneath the gums, and we select titanium because it is biologically safe and has the ability to bond with the natural jawbone. Following the complete healing of the area and the implant’s bond with the jawbone, we can attach a custom-made dental crown to the abutment and complete your tooth replacement procedure.

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